My Story

I’ve always felt a little different. Like I was destined for more. Like I could fix the problems of the world on my own if I had the time to do so! But instead I played small. Suppressing my authentic voice for years.

I spent over a decade in an industry I fell out of love with because I was too afraid to leave – because as unhappy as I was it felt familiar and safe.

The catalyst for me came with the birth of my son in 2021, I finally had the excuse I had been looking for so long – it was now or never and I made the decision to leave hospitality for good.

I have always had a genuine ambition to help others and inspire change. I now help start-up service based entrepreneurs make the same change I did and follow their passion. Taking that first step is easier with someone in your corner. I utilised the talents I have and set up my own business – my strengths lie in helping you maximise your growth and achieve your true potential. My abilities lie in putting systems in place to streamline your business, giving you back the time to focus on the areas of your business that you are really passionate about.

You can do anything but you cannot do everything!

I work with my clients in developing strategy plans, goal setting, project management, social media management and mindset framing.

I love helping service based entrepreneurs to establish and maximise business. Let me truly help you step into your own power and success.

Brenda xx

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