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This package combines social media management & content creation, administrative support and project launch support. This is designed to ease your workload in day-day tasks and is perfect for you if you are feeling overworked and stressed, you are ready to scale your business to the next level, you want to work ON your business, rather than working IN it.  I believe we all should play to our strengths. By outsourcing some of the day-to-day tasks and putting systems in place to streamline your business, it gives you time back to focus on the areas of the business you love.

Pricing is based on €25 per hour with a minimum of 10 hours per month.

If you have a once-off project you need assistance with or an upcoming launch I can create a custom package for you so do get in touch through the contact page!

1 review for Virtual Assistance

  1. Anne Darcy (verified owner)

    I consider it my great luck to be introduced to Brenda in early 2022. I had made a list of ways I considered would help regenerate my business after the pandemic. I work as a nutritionist offering solutions to people with the desire to recover and improve their health in a natural way using lifestyle, nutritional and dietary changes. As you may imagine, my social media ability was sorely lacking and so Brenda came to my marketing rescue. She has helped me build on the various platforms and has me communicating with my customers in a much better way.
    Where I saw people primarily in clinics in the past, my online and phone appointments have increased, including from other countries.
    Where I wanted to run a course to share the knowledge that I had to share, Brenda organized my ‘Gut Health’ series with me and has been amazing in creating slides and e-books to supplement the information.
    Where I needed to restructure my organisation, again Brenda helped me with putting better systems for contact in place.
    There is much more and I could say, just know that in trusting Brenda Cormican with your business, you are making a great choice.
    I am grateful every day for the way she has helped market my business, as it leaves me to focus on the important aspects of my work that I love to do.
    Each to their own, I believe.
    Play to your strengths. I’m a very happy client

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